Emergency #Lifehack Yoga

Your yoga, your choice – this mini EY class is like a choose your own adventure, stop at just 6 minutes or keep going until the end at 12 minutes.  This short sequence is a speed yoga, life hack to make you feel awesome even on the busiest of days.  And it comes with the EY guarantee – it’ll make you feel awesome.  With love from us. xxx

Emergency Yoga for maximum bliss in limited space!

By special request from EY fans, here’s our extended 20 minute Emergency Plane Yoga class designed especially to keep you relaxed and healthy on long haul flights. Also a great practice if you’re living or working in a really small space. No mat required, all you need is you and your fabulosity. And remember this class comes with the EY guarantee -it’s gonna make you feel awesome! With love from EY x

Emergency Super Hero Yoga

A short fast flow to help you cultivate the super powers you need to get through your humanitarian life. With love from us at EY xxx

Emergency Shoulder Yoga – ahhhhhhhh :-)

Emergency Floor Yoga

Early morning, late evening, a little low on energy of just wanna give the earth more love? This is the class for you and you don’t even have to stand up. In just 12 minutes Emergency Floor Yoga will help re-connect your body, mind a spirit – and it comes with the EY guarantee – you’re gonna feel awesome! With love from us xxx

Emergency Morning Yoga Quickie

A shortened version of our Emergency Morning Yoga video as per special request from Philippe in Chad. Let this 15 minute class wake you up with a smile on your face. And it comes with the EY guarantee – you’re gonna feel awesome!

Emergency Meditation (for people who don’t meditate)

Emergency Meditation (for people who don’t meditate)

Here’s our 6 minute emergency meditation designed especially for people who don’t meditate or those of you who’ve never tried it before.  Made just for humanitarians to help you keep cool, calm and collected in the field.  Think of it as a 6 minute investment in you!  With love from us at EY xxxx

Emergency Plane Yoga is here!

Woo hoo!!!! Here’s our latest class Emergency Plane Yoga! At just 7 minutes you can do it on short or long haul flights or even at home. Watch, breathe, enjoy and remember it comes with the EY guarantee – it’s gonna make you feel awesome:-) With love from us xxx Emergency Plane Yoga

EY supports 30 Days of Yoga for Aid Workers

Here at Emergency Yoga we’re thrilled to support Marianne Elliott’s 30 Days of Yoga for Aid Workers to make you feel awesome and to help you develop and build your yoga practice wherever you’re working this year.  We’re super excited to have Emergency Yoga profiled within this incredible program and in fact it’s so good we’re signing up ourselves now!  Read more about Marianne and how you can join 30 Days of Yoga below.
Marianne learned the value of yoga while living and working in Afghanistan:
“I think yoga may actually have saved my life. I’m certain it saved my sanity. I’d been dabbling in yoga for years but I finally committed to my own daily practice of yoga when I was working in Afghanistan. My life was chaotic and my body, mind and spirit were in crisis. Yoga was my lifeline”.
Marianne, together with fellow aid worker and yoga teacher, Amanda Scothern have created an online yoga program specifically for aid workers. It’s designed to help you establish your own home yoga practice – a practice you can take with you wherever you go. Registrations are open from 27 January, and the program will begin on 10 February 2014. You can read more about it here

Emergency Meeting Yoga

Meeting with the rebels, covering for your boss at a cluster meeting, Obama shows up unexpectedly? This is your 5 minute Emergency Meeting Yoga class to get you centred and ready to face whatever comes your way. And it comes with the EY guarantee – you’re gonna feel awesome! D & N